Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fully operational!

Wapack, while slow, is starting off nicely. Our lab is fully stocked and running its first pieces of analysis. This was our third week in operation at Wapack Labs. It's a great feeling, having our first pieces of work come through the door.
  • We kicked off the lab doing work a nice piece of development business that helped bootstrap the lab.
  • This week we received a set of drives sent to us by an IT consultant. We did our best for these guys. The array had died and the consultant had come to a point where they needed help. We were able to see and make copies of almost everything, and are working at pulling data off as we speak. Not everything will come off cleanly, but hopefully enough to allow their customer to keep operating.
  • This week we were asked to author a proposal for another piece of work through a local  law firm. Our proposal is in. Fingers crossed.
In Wapack, while we're not doing criminal work yet, we have capabilities that can help management, HR, corporate attorneys identify employee ethics/misuse, export issues, or privacy information losses. I used to do work with some folks at Carnegie Mellon who specialized in insider threats... one of the hardest threats to detect and mitigate. In almost every case, insiders used computers to send intellectual property outside of the company --for various reasons --maybe they were starting their own company, helping another, or selling data. Often times, these employees were on personal improvement plans, had been told they needed to find new employment, or maybe just saw the writing on the wall. In most cases, the employee misuse could have been identified before the employee left by simply monitoring use during the time when an employee was suspected, notified, investigated, or had been told they were being terminated.

After termination, many employees will delete information from their drive. This is not always a reason for concern. Wapack can, often times, restore data that had been deleted. We can, as well, help identify information that might be being sent out of a company before the employee is terminated. Sampling employee laptops, submitting terminated employee laptops for analysis, or placing restrictions on employee movement while under a personal improvement plan or termination notice are all considered good practice, and Wapack Labs can help. Give us a call!