Thursday, December 12, 2013

CBTS chooses Wapack Labs and Red Sky Alliance for Cyber Threat Intelligence and Analysis

CBTS chooses Wapack Labs and Red Sky Alliance for Cyber Threat Intelligence and Analysis

CBTS's Advanced Cyber Security Team joins Red Sky Alliance

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MANCHESTER, N.H.Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Red Sky® Alliance Corporation (Red Sky® Alliance) , the leading global information security collaborative cyber intelligence
and analysis firm, announced today that CBTS's Advanced Cyber Security team has joined the
membership, and will be partnering with Red Sky's Wapack Labs to supply targeted security intelligence a
nd analysis to CBTS and its customers. 
"As the security industry shifts to address targeted attacks, the CBTS Advanced Cyber Security team
is leading the way by delivering innovative products and services that enable customers to implement
intelligent analysis and adaptive defense based security programs that help businesses prevent,
detect and mitigate loss resulting from cyber assaults.   Our Red Sky Alliance membership coupled
with Wapack Labs' Threat Analysis and Intelligence services will ensure our customers have the
most up-to-date and accurate information," said Brian Minick, VP, CBTS.
"Wapack Labs has made great strides in identifying threat intelligence sources not readily available
to other companies, and has been analyzing the resulting data for almost two years. We opened
Wapack Labs in April, 2013 to help companies who might not be prepared, or legally allowed to
participate in the Red Sky Alliance collaborative. CBTS is a great partner who can deliver defensive
strategies built around Wapack Lab's intelligence and recommendations. We're very much l
ooking forward to working with them," said Jeff Stutzman, CEO Wapack Labs.
About Wapack Labs
Wapack Labs, located in the technology mills of Manchester, NH is a Cyber Threat Analysis and
Intelligence organization supporting Red Sky Alliance and others. The Lab offers expert level
targeted intelligence analysis answering some of the hardest questions in Cyber. The Lab
developed and hosts the Red Sky Alliance automated threat intelligence and analysis
databases (TIAD) and WhoisRecon. It has performed research, analysis and forensic for
dozens of global companies in hundreds of international locations. More information on
Wapack Labs can be found at
About CBTS
The CBTS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB). The company
combines the data networking capabilities of Cincinnati Bell with next-generation managed
services that provide companies with flexible solutions for end-to-end IT deployment.
The CBTS business model can help organizations increase productivity and operational 
efficiency while reducing costs and risks through solutions that focus on business continuance, 
compliance, security, and technology infrastructure. For more information, visit
Media Contact:
Jim McKee, CFO
Wapack Labs Corp.