Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wapack Labs announces our new API, Threat Recon™.

Wapack Labs is happy to announce the public launch of our new API, Threat Recon™

Threat Recon API Version 1.0

Threat Recon™ is a new threat intelligence API developed by Wapack Labs and powered by GO. 
The Threat Recon™ threat intelligence API leverages Wapack Labs human analysis, open source information, and machine generated metadata such as Whois records, historical and current DNS information, tagging, and includes a proprietary confidence algorithm to provide as much context as possible about a single indicator, and a prioritization by confidence.

Basics and Getting Started

Getting started is easy!
First sign-up to receive your free API key. Read the 'Usage' section for example queries. 
Need tools? Test it from command line, or if you prefer, download example scripts from the Threat Recon™ hosted github repositoryFirst scripts were provided by us in Python. Shortly into beta and load testing, Justin and Nick at CBTS converted them to Ruby, and our friends Bart O and Brian at HP authored and posted Maltego Transforms!  Any programming language that can parse our JSON output will work with the API.

Give us a try!

Get your first 1000 queries for free. Sign-up is easy at
Feedback so far has been amazing. If you have any questions, comments, or problems, please let us know...