Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Manchester, NH - Cyber Intelligence Hub??

I've been thinking about how this might sound if posted, but for the last 24 hours, it's stuck with me. I can't seem to make it go out of my head --kinda like that music that my kids sing over and over.

We posted a piece on the Wapack Labs CMS site today that talked, at a high level, about a slug of data that we happened upon during our routine daily tasks. That slug of data was roughly 3.5Gb (and still growing) of user names and passwords (plus financials, plans, and a lot more) from over 100 transportation and shipping companies in dozens of countries around the world. This was a GREAT piece of work by our analytic team. And we do this on a daily basis. Some of the stories we tell, well, truth is stranger than fiction, and here in our office, we can tell you some stories that if you saw them on television, you probably wouldn't believe it.

One such story came out two days ago. I'm not going to take credit because we didn't write it. This kind of work is clearly not even in our ballpark. It's a different kind of intelligence called a new name.. "Internet Intelligence". It means, identifying how things are routed on the internet. We (the lab) focus more on the who and why, where this report focused on how the internet moved data. I'm referring to a report put out by Dyn describing nuclear data in the UK being routed to Russia. To us, this comes as no surprise, but to the lay reader, you might wonder why? Great question!

So here's the deal... I realized yesterday as I walked up to Elm Street from our little nondescript office in the mills, that we live in a town that literally possess an amazing skillset in cyber.  I know of one small company here that does penetration testing work... for those not in the know, these guys are GOOD. They work for DC organizations. Dyn showed that they have an amazing capacity for internet intelligence, and us? Well, we do cyber intel for thousands of banks, a big telecom provider, some Managed Security Companies, and a whole bunch of Global 2000 sized organizations.

Manchester has become home to an amazing,  highly specialized talent pool in cyber intelligence.  I realize many of you have absolutely no idea what that means. Maybe one day we can show you. For now, just know, when retailers lose credit cards, or your health insurer gets whacked for all of that patient data, there are companies (right here in Manchester) who're chasing those bad guys.. heck, stop by my office, I'll show you pictures of some of them. Or stop by Dyn.. they'll show you how the data gets moved. Or stop by, we'll I'll leave the others out of this for now.