Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cyberwatch: Comparing the affects of your security picture to your stock price

Ever consider the affect your security threat landscape might have on your company's stock price?

Need information to show your Board, CEO, or CFO why you need additional security funding?

Want to monitor the threat profile of your supply chain? 

Introducing Wapack Labs Cyberwatch(R)

We took a chance, and started monitoring chatter in a ton of primary sourced intelligence locations. What's primary sourced? It means that it's not being reported elsewhere or in social media.  When we see a Red Sky member, or Wapack Labs subscriber, we notify them. Because it's in intelligence space and not open source, it's often times early warning... sometimes not, but often is. 

At the same time, we thought we'd try something different. If we count the number of times we see our members names, IP addresses, etc., in that intelligence space, and plot that number on a moving timeline, what would it look like? And then, we plotted the company's stock price on the same moving timeline. Wow. The results were amazing. I can guarantee that we've not gotten this 100% right, but it's pretty darn cool. We call it "Cyber Threat Index(R)" and we've been showing early users how to use it to track portfolios of supply chain customers. 

The current site shows one company --the domain you log in with, plus it's stock price. Compare your Cyber Threat Index(R) to those of the Dow, or S&P 500. You can also search by industry or geography  by clicking on "RedXRay" on the bottom left menu.  Subscribers can click through the Cyber Threat Index graph to get the indicators of the day --those things you should monitor and/or block before you have your first coffee in the morning. Red Sky members receive these twice daily today. 

The site's not fully integrated. This is version .03, but we wanted to get it out there and get some feedback. We demo'd this at RSA one night until my phone gave out.

We'll be adding features and cleaning up documentation (i.e.: FAQ page) as we go along. We're intel people not UX developers, but we're getting better. 

Have a look.  It takes about an hour to pull your IP addresses, domains, etc. Log in, enter your stuff, and confirm your email account, then stop back later today. Hopefully you won't have any findings, but if you do, at least you'll know. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Have a great weekend!

(Cyberwatch and Cyber Threat Intelligence are registered trademarks of Wapack Labs. Processes associated with the Cyber Threat Index is patent pending with the USPTO.)