Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ukrainian Independence Day, Potential NotPetya-Like Attack?

Wapack Labs has received information suggesting a possible NotPetya-like attack that may be targeting Ukrainian Banking and critical infrastructure, today, to coincide with the Ukrainian Independence Day. On 11 August 2017, The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU, the Central Bank of Ukraine) notified Ukrainian banks about an up-coming NotPetya-like attack. Journalists reported it on 16 August 2017. Several English and Russian speaking news sites reported on the issue, but most if not all were resulting from circular reporting from the original sources:
  • NotPetya-like attack
  • Hitting corporate networks of the Ukrainian businesses
  • On or around the Ukrainian Independence Day (24 August 2017)
  • Via a malicious MS Word attachment
  • Not known to anti-viruses at the moment of the NBU warning
  • NBU cooperates with CERT-UA to stop similar attacks...READ MORE
Wapack Labs has cataloged and reported extensively on Ukraine and NotPetya in the past. An archive of related reporting can be found in the Red Sky Alliance portal.