Monday, September 12, 2016

Wapack Labs Announces Cyberwatch® API for Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Orlando, FL, September 12, 2016:  Wapack Labs, a cyber threat intelligence company, announced their new Cyberwatch® Application Program Interface (API) today at the Information Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) Congress in Orlando, FL. Companies will now be able to search Wapack Labs’ cyber intelligence collections directly through this bold, new application. That means users can identify and address security threats faster—including before they’re realized.

Wapack Labs recovers information stolen by hackers from keylogger information, sinkholes, the dark web, malicious emails, and more. “With Cyberwatch® API, we’re opening our collections to those not normally privy to high-end cyber threat intelligence,” says Jeff Stutzman, CEO of Wapack Labs. Everything from usernames and passwords to financial transactions and credit card information can indicate previously unknown network breaches. Users can simply enter a company domain into Wapack Labs Cyberwatch® API ( and find out if it has been compromised. 

What makes Wapack Labs Cyberwatch® API of even greater value, however, is that it enables companies to be proactive. “Because of the sheer volume of our backend collections—which also includes data derived from malicious actors’ activities, and not just the information they steal—results from your search can help you identify if you’re being targeted.” Stutzman explains.  This is revolutionary for an industry where, today, offerings are almost always post-hoc; that is, they are built after a company has already been broken into. Antivirus, sharing intrusion prevention rules, and indicators of compromise all rely on expert analysis after someone has been hacked, and damage is already done. For another company to successfully capitalize on these types of security offerings, they must obtain and incorporate this information into their security tools before the threat evolves.

The Cyberwatch® API enables companies to connect their security tools directly to Wapack Labs’ intelligence backend, giving them direct access to clean, parsed data without requiring additional analysis, thereby prioritizing work for CISOs and their cyber security operations center (SOC) teams. 

These are not credential dumps or aggregated data,” says Stutzman. “This is information stolen by nefarious actors or malware from roughly 15,000 companies and organizations all over the world. If a company or individual finds themselves in a query of our data, if they haven’t been hacked yet, they may be soon, and can get a head-start on precautions.” 

Wapack Labs, located in New Boston, NH is a Cyber Threat Analysis and Intelligence organization supporting the Red Sky Alliance, the FS-ISAC, and individual organizations by offering expert level targeted intelligence analysis answering some of the hardest questions in Cyber. Wapack Labs’ engineers, researchers, and analysts design and deliver transformational cyber-security analysis tools that fuse open source and proprietary information, using deep analysis techniques and visualization. Information derived from these tools and techniques serve as the foundation of Wapack Labs’ information reporting to the cyber-security teams of its customers and industry partners located around the world.

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