Saturday, October 8, 2016

Threat Actor Offers Variety of Tools for Free

Wapack analysts have observed a threat actor who has been advertising his coding abilities (and potential services) in both the public Internet and the dark web. The threat actor typically writes his programs in Python, uses Kali Linux and also appears to be able to speak Japanese. Wapack analysts have observed the threat actor using several OPSEC techniques indicating that he is more sophisticated than script kiddie-level (novice or beginner) threat actors.

Publication date:                            6 October 2016

Handling requirements:                  Traffic light protocol (TLP) GREEN

Attribution/Threat Actors:              N/A

Actor Type:                                     Adversary capabilities have been assessed as Tier II*

Potential Targets:                            N/A

Past Reporting:                                N/A

*Practitioners with a greater depth of experience, with the ability to develop their own tools (from publicly known vulnerabilities). 

The full attribution report has been published in its entirety in the Red Sky Alliance portal.  For more information please contact the lab directly at 844-4-WAPACK, 603-606-1246, or

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