Friday, May 5, 2017

This makes Jeff happy!

This makes me really happy. We wrapped up our last class of interns this week. One vet, one non-vet from Southern NH University where they get three credits for every term spent with us. 

What makes me happy? This is our third set of SNHU interns. We've trained several vets —both from SNHU and the Manchester VA Hospital and this week, when I arrived back in the office on Thursday after having been gone for a couple of weeks, found these outside my office —"What I learned" notes left on the writey boards. 

Do you think they teach Google dorking at SNHU? Any college? Keyloggers? Analyzed intelligence derived from a pile of data?

This group has completed their internship. We've got a couple more working with us through the summer and we'll see a class begin again in September. As well, we're looking for a vet system administrator from the VA, and have already put out the request to the Occupational Transition office. 

Beyond that? We continue to talk with new folks about joining Red Sky… two new companies are going through the process this week!