Saturday, May 6, 2017

What is CTAC?

About two years ago we realized the need to centralize and monitor our logs. With every speaking engagement with small companies, someone —usually more than one someone, will ask "How do you guys do _________?" Well, this week we went live with CTAC. This is how we monitor our logs, and as of today, you can too.

We built CTAC to allow us to monitor our own logs, compare it to our own intelligence collections, and to be able to twist and turn data to our hearts content.

As well, most companies that we talk to are 'all set' with intelligence, but that assumes a few things.. first, it's true that many do have intelligence but it's also true that many companies today, while they do have intelligence, are overwhelmed with it and have no idea what to do with it. Add in vendor noise, a lack of qualified analytic labor, enormous amounts of data, and daily phone calls from folks trying to sell them more. The process can be overwelming!

Our answer? We want to teach you to fish, not just fish for you. 

CTAC is a place where you can mine our raw intelligence collections. We like to think of it as the Bloomberg Terminal for our space —except we can also injest and interact with your data.  Wait, what? Interact with your data? Yes! Push your log data into CTAC and monitor it there.

  • There's no need to buy log aggregation! It's included in your subscription!
  • Intelligence? It's in there!
  • Need support? Hit up my guys through the Red Sky portal or IM! Need more? Buy a few hours!
A natural extension of our Red Sky Alliance information sharing environment, CTAC offers tools, training, help when needed, and it scales as big as you need.

Having 800-171 issues? Monitor the cyber threat intelligence for your suppliers, partners, and third parties. We'll help you set up the dashboard! It's easy!

Need Log Monitoring? Push your data securely to our Elastic stack in CTAC. We're happy to help. We'll monitor it (for a fee of course!), you can monitor it, or we can both monitor it! 

Need more information?  You should schedule a demo! Drop me a note —