Saturday, June 1, 2013

Breaking new local ground with Wapack Socrates!

This local Manchester market is very different from the national and global markets I'm used to. I have no problem picking up the phone and talking with the CISO of a Fortune 500, but the hair dresser who's running her own shop up the street? Damn. That's HARD! I tell the Fortune 500 CISO he's got problems with cyber actors, and he understands. We talk about full packet capture, finding the needles in the haystack of needles, and live over the wire investigations and he/she gets it. But the financial planner or the doctor, or the insurance agent, or the commercial banker, or the hair dresser up on Elm Street? They have no idea what cyber means to them, how it might affect their business, how to recognize it, or what to do about it even if they did!

We're on it.

Introducing Wapack Labs' Socrates services.
Wapack Labs will come to your company, install a sensor on your network, and diagnose any issues found. As an example, during our testing, we recorded over 4,000,000 scans on our test network and over 40 attempts to compromise our network --this was in 48 hours! Likely many of these were automated, but the automated attempts usually lead to a botnet infection --used to steal credit card data! As a larger company, this might not surprise you at all. In fact, the numbers probably sound small, but to the mom and pop on the corner, well, they need to know what it means. Wapack is a local company servicing not only the Red Sky Alliance, but also Elm Street. Forensic Services, Socrates, R&D, Analysis. We can help you too.  Derek does a great job on forensics, and is working through the Socrates build-out.  Interested in a trial? Drop us a note!

We've had a terrific week on the R&D side of the house. 

WhoisRecon: Wapack Labs created an analysis tool called WhoisRecon. WhoisRecon is a graphic analysis tool used to discover, provide a representation, and dynamically create relationships of  Whois searches individually or in batch. WhoisRecon is perfect for pen testers, analysts, and investigators! We introduced the beta WhoseRecon for our Red Sky Alliance team this week and testing is now open to the larger security community! Check out, or send us an email if you are interested in beta-testing. 

Red Sky Jive Chat: We posted our first screenshot of our new Jive Chat for the portals. It looks great, and the Jive community seems to have gone wild over it. We'll be looking for our first beta user beyond Red Sky for revenue opportunities soon.

Research and Development is going well. We're working on a threat intelligence and analysis database for one of the Red Sky members. We've automated many of the queries needed to pull in data from the right sources, and have gotten to a place where data is fairly normalized.