Friday, June 21, 2013

Info. Security: Do you have the right people for the job?

Information Security:
Do you have the right people for the job?

When you have a problem at your house (or are building a new one), do you trust your general contractor to do the specialized and sophisticated work? If your pipes burst, don’t you want a licensed and experienced plumber to take care of it? If you choose a dedicated and specialized professional for these jobs, why aren’t you doing the same thing with your IT security? Why trust the same guy that plugs in your printers and keyboards with sophisticated work like managing your network security, protecting you against targeted attacks, and preventing your client and private information from being stolen?

In today’s digital landscape hackers are becoming more sophisticated and precise in their attacks. These attacks come from all corners of the internet: from China looking to steal proprietary intellectual property, from Iran looking to disrupt bank transfers, and from “hacktivists” like Anonymous and other groups. How can you depend on your IT group (either in house or consultant) to know and defend against all of these online threats? The reality is that you can’t. When it comes to information security, you need someone that has seen the threats first hand and knows how to protect against them.

Here at Wapack Labs we have experts with proven track records in the field. Our analysts and digital forensic examiners have years of real world experience protecting companies large and small from targeted and complicated attacks to their information networks.  Backed by the power of its parent company Red Sky Alliance, Wapack Labs is able to bring the knowledge and information sharing of Fortune 500 companies to the table to protect your network.

We know how to protect you and your data, and we have developed a layered solution that will make sure that you are secure from every angle. Here at Wapack Labs, we have developed the Socrates Solution (our own version of the Socratic Method). This solution combines information security protection from industry leaders into an easy to install solution that we manage for you! The impact to your company is minimal and you don’t need to train your current staff to operate or manage the equipment. Once a simple setup is done, everything is managed off site from our location in Manchester, NH. The Socrates Solution protects against threats from the outside at the perimeter (right where your modem is) all the way down to the individual workstation. If your business needs to conform to HIPAA, PCI, or Sarbanes–Oxley regulations then the Socrates Solution is for you and can give you Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to make sure that none of your personal and client information is getting out.

If you are concerned about your current security setup, or just have questions as to how we can help you, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 603-606-1246 or email me at