Friday, June 14, 2013

We are a week away from the official start of summer and things could not be going better here at Red Sky and Wapack Labs. This week we had the entire team from both the Wapack Labs and the Red Sky side in the office in Manchester, NH. This facilitated as both a meet and greet and as a “hive mind” to share ideas. This experience was wonderful and really let loose the creative energies of the whole team. Having such bright and driven people collaborating and creating great work product is both inspiring and satisfying when you can look back and see all your hard work pay off.

This week Red Sky Alliance saw a great milestone with our 50th fusion product. This consists of roughly 1000 pages of technical APT analytics covering 11 known and emerging threats. Along with the great analytic work that is being done here at Red Sky, we are also seeing steady growth in the membership. The new members we are bringing on help expand the information gathering and bring different types of industries to the table.

Also in the office this week were some of our interns that are participating in the Red Sky Institute. Our analysts are working hand in hand with these intelligent and aspiring individuals to show them the ropes of the Infosec world. The interns are eager to learn and have jumped in head first trying to learn as much as possible from our world class analysts. With their core academics from their respective Universities combined with Red Sky know how, it won’t be long before they are getting their hands dirty and shedding light into the darkest corners of the deep web.

Wapack Labs is also seeing some great strides in our products and analytics. Along with our current forensic and incident response investigations, we are also developing our Socrates security product. This product will be a turn-key solution for small businesses that are worried about network security –APT, targeted event, etc., as well as PCI and HIPAA compliance. The idea is that using this very lightweight MSSP model, Red Sky can test information gathered from the customers networks for the presence of what Mandiant likes to call evil, while at the same time broadening the ability to capture new data from this largely ignored business segment. We’re starting in New England and for those small businesses this is a great way to get big company protection using enterprise tools and an expert analytic capability at a small business price. This security platform is perfect for anyone accepting credit card information, we specialize in protecting patient information in your doctor office or client information with insurance companies and many, many more.