Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2016 RIO – AnonGhost, CyberCaliphate (ISIS), & GhostSquad Push Various Hacker Activities in Brazil

A muslim Anonymous member with ties to AnonGhost, Anonymous Sky, has been heavily pushing anti Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) messages amongst the Americans.  Anonymous Sky is a very popular anonymous account that is followed by and listened to by thousands of Anons. Anonymous Sky is notoriously known to rally other hacktivists under various #Op hashtags and will likely attempt to organize with Brazilian Anons.  This activity utilizing their Tactics Techniques and Procedures, (TTP) in specifically harming Brazil's economy.

Publication Date: Publication Date: 1 August 2016
Handling Requirements: Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) GREEN
Attribution/Threat Actors: OSINT- hacking against Brazil 
Actor Type: Tier II – Black Hacker Forums
Potential Targets: Rio de Janeiro / Summer Olympics

This report was published in its entirety to the Financial Services ISAC and Red Sky Alliance portal on August 1, 2016.  For more information, contact Wapack Labs at 844-4-WAPACK.