Thursday, August 18, 2016

Uber Driver Appreciation Day

Priority Intelligence Report (PIR)

Executive Summary: 
Wapack Labs observed the online marketing of a fake Uber Driver Appreciation Day that is growing on various social media platforms. Wapack Labs believes that the event is being organized by Ben Palmer (alleged comedian and prankster from Atlanta, GA), and may have a financial impact on Uber as a result of advertised claims that Uber drivers will receive 100 percent of all fares paid for their services on 15 August 2016. It is unclear whether this event will affect bank transactions or reversal fees with Uber, Uber drivers, Uber customers or financial institutions associated with Uber.

Publication date: 17 August 2016; information cutoff date: 16 August 2016
Handling requirements: Traffic light protocol (TLP) AMBER. 
Attribution/Threat Actors: Criminal
Companies Targeted: Uber
Previous Reporting: N/A

This report was published in its entirety to the Financial Services ISAC and Red Sky Alliance portal on August 18, 2016.  For more information, contact Wapack Labs at 844-4-WAPACK.